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Blue Ivy May Be The Savior This Pandemic Needs!




Folks are really out in these streets protesting stay at home orders and resisting isolation efforts — meanwhile the COVID-19 death toll continues to rise. But, have no fear, Blue Ivy Carter is here. Jay Z and Beyoncé’s daughter has a tip that will keep you safe even when you’re surrounded by dummies.

Grandma Tina posted video of Blue showing how the simple act of washing your hands keeps you and others safe from unwanted germs. The 8-year-old’s demonstration shows the importance of soap and water just by using a bowl of water and pepper.

Admittedly, we’ve seen this little experiment before, but not by Blue. And now that she’s the one telling folks to wash their hands, folks are hoping that other will seriously heed the warning. They also think B.I. is in line for Dr. Fauci’s job…

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1 Comment

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