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Why Oprah Is Screaming “FAKE” News Over This Horrendous Accusation




Y’all done pissed Oprah off now! The legendary talk show host had to hop on Twitter Tuesday night to dispel rumors that her home had been raided and she was arrested for sex trafficking. What the hell is going on in 2020?!

If you were on Twitter last night you may have noticed Oprah was trending. These days her name has been in the headlines a lot — she’s caught heat for her silence on Harvey Weinstein, 50 Cent tried to cancel her for “attacking Black men”, and just a couple of weeks ago she fell in front of thousands of people during her “2020 Vision” tour. It’s been rough. But, last night may have been her breaking point, because the story was just so outrageous.

If you took a moment and clicked on her name you would have seen some serious allegations. Unidentified “sources” stating that the the OWN CEO’s Boca Raton home had been raided by law enforcement due to a belief that she was a part of a sex trafficking ring!

Thankfully, Oprah set the record straight and let it be known that she was doing what we’re all supposed to be doing — distancing and disinfecting.

According to PageSix, “The rumors appeared to originate in an online message forum for teenagers and adults with too much time on their hands.”

We need to reset 2020 ASAP!

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