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Oprah fell during her tour stop in Los Angeles Saturday and the world, mainly black twitter, lost its mind. First let us say this, Oprah we are glad you are ok. I know Lady O looks forever young, but she is 66. When a 66 year old falls, it is scary. But the internet is a savage place and before you could blink, the memes were flowing like gospel music on a Super Soul Sunday.

Leading the pack was Snoop, who is clearly still a little salty about Gayle Kings, now infamous interview, where she grilled Lisa Leslie about Kobe Bryant.

Then 50 Cent got involved …

But the Internet was just as savage …

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Oprah can survive anything #oprah #oprahfall #funny

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I’m sure Oprah woke up a little sore, but she seems to be ok and that is the most important thing. BTW she said afterwards that she knew the meme’s were coming as she thanked the crowd for lifting her up. You know the saying every time you fall down, you gotta get right back up and that’s what Lady O did.

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