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What Is Blackfishing And How Is Kim Kardashian Doing It With Her Braids?




They call it blackfishing — black + catfishing — and outside of calling it cultural appropriation and being a culture vulture, there probably isn’t a better label out there. So, what does this have to do with Kim Kardashian? Well,the reality star has once again opted to rock some braids, and once again she’s being called out for her blatant Black girl biting.

While in Paris for fashion week, KK stepped out for her husband’s Yeezy season 8 showing, but she herself stole the show with her unique choice of hairstyles. Get into this thang from all angles…


Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West

Of course, folks were up in arms over her perpetual insistence on snatching her style inspo from the sistas…

But, a lot of the online sentiment was this…

However, these tweet nailed it.

Honestly, no one really cares what this girl does with her hair. Literally, no one. However, the problem is that Kim often wears these styles, mimics her body to resemble, and is often very influenced by Black culture. But, she rarely credits the originators, which can be problematic when folks start to believe your are the creator of this cool and you simply aren’t. Furthermore, when white women embrace Black culture in this way and are praised for it, while black women are still being disrespected, demeaned, stereotyped, and disenfranchised because they are embracing their own culture, is not only unfair and infuriating, it’s also detrimental to our existence. So, yea, that’s the real problem.

But sure, it’s just hair, right?

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