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Don’t Know How To Wash Your Hands? Let Mariah Carey Show You How!




We’re sure Mariah Carey usually has hired staff just wash her hands for her — while she’s wearing a full on ball gown, of course. But, for the sake of mankind, Carey opted to act like a commoner (for a brief moment) and show us all how to properly wash our hands. And ironically, she used Ol’ Dirty Bastard to get her point across.

In a family-friend Tik Tok video, MiMi and “dem babies”, her 8-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, demonstrate how to properly wash your hands in an effort to stave off the coronavirus. By now, you SHOULD know that washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds in the recommendation. Now, that could be singing the lyrics to happy birthday twice, or, in Mariah’s case, you could sing the lyrics to her song “Fantasy”. More specifically, you can rap the part ODB did when he was featured on the smash hit.

Now there is no excuse for anyone to be performing half-ass hand-washing these days. You have a whole bop you can sing in order to get it done.

No, but seriously, we don’t care what you sing, just wash your darn hands efficiently!

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