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DaBaby May Be In A Lot Of Da Trouble



Oh DaBaby, this isn’t a good way to start 2020.

We’re three days into the new decade and rapper DaBaby, government name Jonathan Kirk, has been arrested. It all stemmed from a show he did in Miami for NYE — apparently he was supposed to get $30,000 for the performance, but when he met up with the promoter on Thursday to get his cash, the guy handed him 20 racks instead and that’s when DaBaby allegedly lost it and punched him. Video of the incident shows the promoter being manhandled and his pants being pulled off. According to the police report, the promoter claimed Kirk took his cellphone, a bank card, $80 in cash and doused him in apple juice.

Subsequently, DaBaby was arrested on a battery charge Thursday night. Following his arrest officers found a warrant for his arrest from Texas, also on a battery charge. He was booked into the Miami-Dade jail on Thursday and made his first appearance in court on Friday. He’s currently being held without bond while he lawyers try to work something out regard his Texas warrant.

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