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Following Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries disgraced actor Columbus Short has made a shockingly revelation. No he wasn’t abused by R. Kelly.

On Sunday the former Scandal star weighed in on the R. Kelly controversy in support of the abused women who appeared on the  docuseries. “R. Kelly is not us, so, on behalf of Black men, and on behalf of Black men with a daughter, #MuteRKelly,” he said in a video.

Of course people reminded the former Scandal star of his past indiscretions and gave him a good ol’ thrashing for his own abusive history.

“Until u can keep your anger against women in the time of conflict under control don’t talk about nobody else’s sin because people looked up to you as a black male actor,” said one follower in his comment section.

“Ain’t yo old irrelevant ass a woman beater yourself? Sit yo ass down,” said another.

If you recall, in 2014, Short was ordered to serve 30 days community service for assaulting ex-wife, Tanee McCall.  The assault claims, along with drug and alcohol issues, contributed to him being axed from the popular ABC show Scandal.  Short also just recently served 34 days for beating his ex-wife, Aida Abramyan.

Undeterred, Short posted another video, this time claiming that he too was the victim of abuse and was molested as a child. “I was molested by my babysitter. She would make me do things,” he revealed in a post on Wednesday.

Short claims he was compelled to speak out after learning that R. Kelly was molested by his older sister. He said that he didn’t think that condoned his behavior but hoped it helps other men speak out.

“I was scared to speak out, but I’m not scared anymore. Only way to heal is to speak on it. I’m a talented man who was molested, I was touched. It affected me in a way I can’t explain. … For all those out there who have, it’s okay to speak out. It’s a lot of us. I’m praying for R. Kelly.”


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