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TaMAGA? Tamera Mowry’s Attempt At Defending Husband Over Being Labeled A Racist Backfires!



Tamera Mowry is singing the same old song, but it seems like no one wants to hear the lyrics.

During a bit of girl chat on the “The Real” the ladies were discussing Julie Chen’s decision to stand by her man, alleged sexual deviant and former CBS CEO Les Moonves. Mowry took that opportunity to stand by her own man and tell the world (once again) that her husband Adam Housley, who work worked at Fox News for about a decade, is NOT a racist.

Unfortunately, instead of convincing the masses that Adam was anti-racism, the Twitterverse has double-downed on their decision to label him the opposite. They have also given Mowry the unfortunate nickname TaMAGA (signaling the Make America Great Again slogan that many believe is thinly-veiled racism from the Trump administration).

Oh, and because it’s the internet, Twitter has pulled years old “receipts” showing what they claim is blatant racism on behalf of Adam during the George Zimmerman trial.

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