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Surprise! Rashida Jones Welcomes Baby Boy — How The Hell Did She Hide Her Pregnancy?!



Rashida Jones is a new mommy — and no one even knew she was pregnant!

Jones and her boyfriend, Vampire Weekend singer, Ezra Koenig, welcomed their first child together last month. According to People, the couple’s son, Isaiah Jones Koenig, was born on August 22nd at 8:36am.

So how did Jones keep her pregnant a secret? Well, here’s 5 ways Quincy Jones’ daughter kept her happy news on the hush-hush…

1) She Kept Her Mouth Shut!
Really, it’s quite simple, but people seem to have trouble with this in Hollywood. Secret-keeping 101, if you don’t want folks to know your business, then don’t tell them.

2) Wear Flowy Dresses … Preferably With Pockets.
That exactly what Rashida did at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party in March when she would have been about 4-5 months pregnant.

3) Be Smart With Social Media
Just one look at Jones’ Instagram page shows a lot of selfies and close-up shots … nothing from the chest down. Well played Rashida, well played.

Rashida just one week before giving birth.

4) Create Distractions
If you keep scrolling through the Parks and Recreation actresses IG page you may realize that on the day she gave birth she posted a throwback pic…

The next day she did it again.

5) Create A Close Circle
Not only did Rashida stay silent, but those in her inner-circle, who most certainly new she was preggo, kept a lid in it too. That’s loyalty!

Congrats to Rashida and Ezra!

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