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The story surrounding Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal just keeps getting juicier and juicier. To be clear, we’re not reveling in girlfriend Khloe Kardashian’s despair, but, let’s be honest, all this drama is definitely made for TV.

Now, catch this tea.

It’s now being revealed that Kardashian may have actually met or been acquainted with one of Tristan’s side chicks. As more info comes out about NYC strip club bartender Lani Blair, it appears that some of her friends are also friends, or at least acquaintances, with Khloe.

Apparently Blair works as a bartender and host at popular NYC strip club Angels and is BFFs with Bernice Burgos and Gracie Ko.

(L-R) Gracie Ko, Bernice Burgos and Lani Blair

Bernice is pretty chummy with a lot of celebs like Drake and T.I. and was spotted partying it up with Khloe at the surprise birthday party her man Tristan threw for her last summer.

(L-R) Khadijah Haqq, Khloe Kardashian and Bernice Burgos

Then there’s Gracie. The Asian beauty was featured in a Good American denim ad which also featured Khloe.

Courtesy: Good American

Kardashian created the line and often uses women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities for her campaigns. Not sure if she hand-picked Gracie for the shoot, but she seemed pretty excited and also posted about it on her Instagram. “Sooooo grateful to be a part of this campaign!!” she wrote. ” Thank you @khloekardashian 💕”

Now the big question is: Did Khloe ever come face to face with Lani? If her two BFFs and co-workers have worked with and partied with Khloe, it’s not hard to assume that the two have been around each other at one time or another, or at least know of each other.

With that said, it makes us even more upset with Tristan for cheating on his PREGNANT baby’s mother AGAIN with a woman whom she knows. And we’re side-eyeing Lani because we know she knew Khloe and Tristan were involved and expecting a child … so she has no excuse.

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