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Derrick Rose and his baby mana, Aliana Anderson came under fire on Wednesday after bringing their near one month old daughter to an NBA game.

Anderson shared a series of photos on Instagram of Rose holding their baby girl, Layla, while standing on the basketball court. Although it was prior to tip off, folks went off in the comment section, blasting the mother for exposing their newborn to germs.

“These type of moms irk me so bad. Why can’t you just be home and enjoy your baby,” one person wrote. “Why take her out THAT SMALL around all them germs? It wouldn’t have hurt if u missed a damn game to be home with your NEWBORN. They don’t need to be out near allat.”

Someone else commented, “You’re not supposed to bring a newborns out so early in a noisy environment and one filled with germs.”

After being blasted with comments, Anderson, who also shared a few snaps of Derrick’s son holding baby Layla, fired back a response to one social media user, writing, “You her mom? She had headphones. This was pre game.. meaning it’s empty & not as loud as during the game.”

Alaina added, “Also sat in the family room during the game..have a great night.”

Rose has yet to comment on the backlash.

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