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Video: NBA YoungBoy’s Girlfriend Jania Denies Abuse Following The Rapper’s Arrest



This is no laughing matter, but unfortunately NBA YoungBoy’s girlfriend Jania seems to think it is.

Over the weekend, hotel surveillance video showing the 18-year-old rapper body-slamming Jania and dragging her like a rag doll up and down the hotel hallway went viral. You can see the video below, but warning, it is a bit disturbing.

Following the leak of this video, YoungBoy was arrested in Tallahassee where police found the rapper on his tour bus, questioned him, ran his record and realized he had an outstanding felony warrant for assault, weapons violations and kidnapping.

While Young was locked up, Jania took to social media to deny that she and her boyfriend were doing anything but roughhousing. Sadly, this video of the 18-year-old young lady may be even more disturbing than the actual video of their domestic encounter.

Unfortunately, this incident isn’t YoungBoy’s, aka Kentrell DeSean Gaulde, first brush with the law. In August 2017, a Baton Rouge judge sentenced him to a suspended 10-year prison term and three years of active probation for his involvement in a drive-by shooting.

We hate to sound old, but where are their parents (or grandmother in NBA’s case)? Yes, 18 is technically legal but we all know Black parents don’t care what the law says, they’ll still whoop your butt!

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