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It’s been a rough season 5 for the ladies of Married to Medicine.

From Dr. Jackie dealing with the devastating news her husband Curtis was having an affair to Quad and Dr. G’s epic fallout and now Dr. Simone and Cecil filing for divorce the ladies and their marriages have been tested and some torn apart.

But surprisingly when HipHollywood asked cast members Dr. Jackie, Dr. Heavenly and Quad Webb-Lunceford, if the reality TV divorce curse was to blame, they had this to say.

“Reality TV has little or nothing to do with why you’re getting a divorce I feel,” explained Dr. Jackie. “You’re just going through some stuff, the same stuff your girlfriend who may not go to work everyday is going through or your next door neighbor, you just don’t get a chance to see it play out.”

“I agree with Jackie partially,” said Dr. Heavanly who has been married nearly 20 years. “I do feel like going into reality TV it magnifies the problems you already have … I was able to watch and see the love my husband has for me so it actually enhanced my marriage.”

Meanwhile Walters who filed for divorce just three days after finding out about her husband’s infidelity said she’s thankful to have had the support of the ladies while taping the show.

“I didn’t get a chance to process it. It happened we started filming, so you got the real, raw let me lean on my girls for help Dr. Jackie, because if I could have kept that hidden nobody would have known about that.”

You can see more of the ladies of Married To Medicine Friday on Bravo.

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