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Comedian Steven Brown got more than he bargained for over the weekend while performing at the Comedy House in Columbia, South Carolina.

During his show, a random fan, later identified as a man named Marvin, charged the stage with fire in his eyes. The fan went after Brown with clear intention to hurt the comedian.

In a video circulating social media, you see the man, dressed in a black sweatshirt and creme colored pants go in with fists first before taking the microphone stand and throwing it at Brown.

The stand swiped Steve before it was knocked into the crowd. According to reports, a few audience members were injured. “Them mic stands are a b*tch,” Brown wrote, adding an image on Instagram of his cut arm. “In the future Im gonna start pulling mic stands on these niccas.”

Following the show, Steve took to social media to blast the club for their lack of security. “I’m good,” he started off. “Some of these comedy clubs got to be held accountable for lack of security. The dude wasn’t being heckled, nobody was messing with him … all of a sudden the dude just got up and lost his mind.”

Brown captioned the video: “First off let me start by saying Thanks for the calls and messages from friends, fans and my family. With that being said, let me say this. This unprovoked attacked that happened to me tonight is a reminder of why these comedy clubs should have well equipped PROFESSIONAL security to protect us entertainers who bring their club so much money. I thank God for looking out for me and giving my old ass the ability to Bob and weave because this could have ended in horrible way.”

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