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Bwahahaha. The National Enquirer needs to fire the Photoshop hack responsible for stitching together this image of First Lady Michelle Obama. The tabloid claims Mrs. Obama has gained over 97 pounds this year as a result of binge-eating over the stresses of raising teenage daughter, Malia. The publication plastered a poorly doctored image of Michelle on their current magazine cover, a picture they claim shows how out of control the alleged weight gain is.


It was just a little over a month ago that a slender and fit First Lady delivered a speech at the Democratic National Convention. We find it completely ridiculous a magazine would try to sell folks a story about her ballooning to 257 pounds in the month since, but they certainly tried it.

What makes this story even more ridiculous is that Michelle Obama has also been a staunch advocate of healthy eating and exercise. In fact, just earlier today, she appeared in a fitness video produced by Funny or Die and co-starring Nick Offerman. She doesn’t appear to be 257 pounds in this video either.

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