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Meet Tommy Sotomayor, the Black incarnation of Donald Trump, except “The Donald” likely has more respect for Black folk than Tommy. Prior to this morning, we’d never heard of Tommy, but while browsing Bossip, we came across a video of the Arizona man berating a Black woman following a car accident.

Turns out Tommy is an Internet talk show host and YouTube personality who has made a name for himself by “cooning” for clicks. He’s found a lot of digital success over the years from his political and social commentary and bashing of Black women, amassing over 200,000 YouTube subscribers in the process. Still, the way he disrespected another human being in the viral video should be vomit-inducing to even the biggest David Duke supporter.

“That’s the problem with Black women right there, they talk,” Tommy says as the woman begins questioning why he’s recording video of his car, damaged in the accident. “This is why nobody likes these Black whores. Look at her. Black whores. Black whores. Get out my face, though, b*tch. I’ll whip yo muthaf*ckin a**,” he threatens.

“I don’t like Black b*tches, anyway. Bye, broke b*tch. My car cost more than your house, b*tch. My car cost more than your house, b*tch. You don’t know who you talking to. Watch when you find yourself online.”

Tommy has since posted a video apologizing for disrespecting Black women, but would you accept his apology if you were a Black woman?

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