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If you are true member of the “Bey Hive,” then you know Frank Gatson, and his penchant for going off. HipHollywood caught up with King Bey’s no-nonsense creative director, and got him to tell us about his epic rant during Beyonce’s HBO Special, “Life Is But A Dream,” where he hilariously dragged the girl dancers when their hats fall off.

“I get a bum rap for that,” said Gatson, who is now working with Kelly Rowland’s girl group June’s Diary, and R. Kelly. “But basically what happened is we had had a dress rehearsal, and the girls had these hats on. I think the girl dancers didn’t want to wear the hats, so they sabotaged it because they wanted to show their nice hair. Beyonce was very upset by that, and me being in charge, I had to be the voice and say, ‘No, that was very unprofessional.'”

And “professional” for Gatson meant getting some weave glue, super glue, whatever, and securing that hat to their heads. “I was so concerned that they were so into themselves that they didn’t tack those hats down, so I went off.”

“People always look at show business like it’s some type of Church of God In Christ, or some high school talent show, but we are really in professional show business, and it’s just like sports,” he explained, defending his stern behavior. “When I played basketball, my coach didn’t say, ‘OK Frank, it’s OK that you missed a free throw.’ He got in my butt and that’s how I operate … I have to be the coach to make people great.”

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