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A bodyguard once tasked with protecting Bad Boy mogul P. Diddy is making some shocking allegations about his old boss in a YouTube video.

The former security guard claims that it was Diddy being targeted in a shooting on the night of March 9, 1997. That’s the infamous evening when Brooklyn rapper The Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down while riding through Los Angeles.

Speaking directly into a camera, the bodyguard says that he had warned Diddy in the hours leading up the shooting, but his former employer failed to heed the warnings. “I told you I had intel, but you didn’t want to hear it,” he says.

Diddy and Biggie were riding in separate cars on the night of the shooting, but were traveling to the same destination. “I told your driver Kenny [to] run the next three lights. Kenny ran the light. Big stopped at the light. Big got killed. It wasn’t meant for him, bruh.”

The bodyguard then goes on paint the entertainer as a snitch. “Let’s reminisce about how you had people on the security team find people to testify against Shyne. You a rat,” he continues.

The interview is part of a longer documentary that has not been released yet. You can watch the preview interview below.

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