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Ariana Grande’s Appearance On ‘Tonight Show’ Turns Naughty



Ariana Grande stopped by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night and things went from pretty normal to very naughty … but only at the expense of Grande’s Nonna.

While chatting with the late night talk show host, Grande, who closed out the show with a performance of her new track “Dangerous Woman,” explained that her grandmother, who was sitting in the audience, had a bit of a crush on Fallon. Embarrassing? We’d say so.

“When I told her I was going to take her here to meet you, she was like, ‘I gotta start planning my outfit,’ and I was like, ‘Nonna what do you think is going to come from this?’ And she goes, ‘You never know, I’m very naughty,'” Grande explained.

Nonna probably got a little hot and bothered and we are pretty sure Fallon’s wink back to Nonna didn’t help.

Grande also reminded us how hilarious she is when she recorded a Lip Sync Conversation sketch with Fallon. The pair had a conversation via lip sync in her dressing room and took on a few classic and current hits.

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