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Surprise! Serge Ibaka Has Seven Year Old Daughter



Good news: This isn’t a story about another break baby.
Bad news: Serge Ibaka didn’t find out he had a daughter until she was FIVE years old!

In a new documentary titled “Son Of The Congo”, Ibaka opens up about growing up poor in the African country and using basketball as his outlet. But, the most shocking part of the film comes when Serge reveals he has a seven year old daughter.

The NBA star, who has been dating singer Keri Hilson for almost three years, left The Congo seven years ago when his then girlfriend was pregnant, but he had no idea. When the child, a girl named Ranie, was born Serge’s father stepped in and provided for his granddaughter, while keeping her existence a secret from his son. That is until a couple of years ago when dad spilled the beans.

While Ibaka was initially mad at his father for keeping such a huge secret from him, he is now a proud father who sees his daughter during the summer and is planning for her to come to the States soon.

Son of The Congo airs on ESPN next month. Check out the trailer below and see more of Ibaka’s story by clicking here.

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