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Michel’le: Dr. Dre Gave Me “Five Black Eyes”& “A Cracked Rib”



Singer Michel’le stopped New York’s The Breakfast Club on Friday morning and opened up about her past relationship with rapper and former N.W.A. member, Dr. Dre.

The songstress did not bite her tongue when talking about being a victim of domestic violence and she and the now 50-year-old mogul’s physical relationship. “Waiting him out girl after girl, fighting,” she said when asked what broke the two up. ” It was a lot, you get tired. I tried [to fist fight], I was losing.”

The star also admitted that she not only had a broken nose, but five black eyes, a cracked rib and scars “that are just amazing.” “It was normal,” the R&B Divas star said. “Everybody that knew, it was the normal.”

She continued, “He hasn’t apologized tip this day, it wouldn’t even do any good because it was the past. I do remember when he first gave me my very first black eye, we layed in the bed and he cried. He was crying … He said ‘I’m really sorry. I think that’s the only time he ever said Im sorry. He said ‘I’ll never hit you in that eye again.'”

Michel’le also confirmed that during the course of their relationship, Dre cheated on her with his now wife, Nicole Young.

The singer and Dre have one son together, Marcel, 24.

See the full interview below:

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