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Exclusive: Kenya Moore Calls NeNe Leakes A “Ghetto, Classless, Beast” For Not Fronting Donation Check



The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore is “pissed” that NeNe Leakes has not donated her $20,000 to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation.

“I think that it is typical NeNe. She is really to me showing the disgusting part of her personality,” Moore told HipHollywood exclusively. “It doesn’t have anything to do with me or you. It’s not a pissing contest. Give the money to the kids in the city of Detroit for their education. It has nothing to do with whether you like me or when you said you were going to donate it, or when I said it. She is the one who said ‘I write the check, you write the check, we write it together.’ But I wrote the check first.'”

Moore continued, “Why is it that she is going through all of these motions and taking her time now to write the check, clearly she has no intention of writing the check. I think it really shows the type of person she is. You can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. She is a ghetto, classless, beast for cheating those kids out of $20,000. They need it. She has it.”

“It really just pisses me off because it’s not me and her at this point, give those kids the chance to have an education, to thrive,” the model said.

On Sunday night, during Leakes’ appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, the Glee star explained why she has not fronted the money like she originally agreed. Leakes’ told Cohen that she will give the money “when i feel like it. Just like when she felt like it.  It took her ten months to cough it up. Girl, bye.  You’re not a part of this circle and never will be.”

During last season’s reunion show, NeNe challenged Moore to donate 20k and if she did, she would match it. In October, Moore made good on her promise, writing a check for the full amount.

“I’m proud to be able to give back and keep my promise to the Detroit public schools foundation to donate $20,000. Detroit is a resilient city and so am I. I will continue to shine despite the people who want to see me fail or try to turn my positivity in to negativity. See you soon Detroit! #igotyomoney #kenyalovesthekids #twirlsawayhaters,” Kenya wrote on Instagram, including a photo of herself with the check.

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