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Stacy Barthe: From Suicidal To Successful; Loses 150lbs!



Stacy Barthe is a name you may or may not have heard before, but her story is definitely worth listening to! The singer/songwriter responsible for Rihanna’s “Cheers (Drink To That)” is now focused on her solo career and telling her amazing story of weightloss, rediscovery and learning to love herself.

“I was at one point, you know, considering suicide and didn’t want to be here…I was really low”, Barthe told HipHollywood while fighting back tears, “the music is the thing that saved me.” Stacy, who was once almost 400lbs, remembers the moment she decided suicide wasn’t the answer. “The journey began when I decided that I wanted to lose weight and live.” Now the “Hell Yeah” singer is down 150lbs!

Barthe has received critical acclaim for her mixtapes Sincerely Yours, In The Inbetween and P.S. I Love You, all of which focused on her pain and suffering. But now, she’s focusing on the positive (with a little pain) with her debut album, Live To Tell. Check out our full interview with Stacy below.

Also, check out Stacy’s single “Hell Yeah” featuring Rick Ross!

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