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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown & Tank Address “Shots Fired” At Them By Haters!



Chris Brown is no stranger to people throwing all kinds of shots, shade and general disgust his way. But the R&B singer has tried to steer clear of retaliating against his haters — That is, until now.

The 24 year-old is featured on Tank’s latest single “Shots Fired” and when we caught up with the guys on the set of the video, CB made it clear how he feels when shots are fired in his direction. “I don’t really care”, Chris simply stated.

While Brown deflects the hate, Tank claims he hasn’t experienced any “shots fired” his way. “Nobody’s really thrown shots at me, this is one of those songs where I’m living vicariously through people.”

Peep more of our interview with Chris and Tank below. Also, stay tuned for the exclusive behind-the-scene look at the “Shots Fired” music video coming soon!

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