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Reginae Carter Talks Acting, Twitter Rants, New Show With Mom Toya



Your favorite mother daughter duo is back on TV! Toya Johnson and Reginae Carter have made their return back to WeTV with their own reality television show ‘Toya&Reginae’.

Who can forget the iconic dysfunction we were introduced to in 2011 when ‘Toya: A Family Affair’ was aired. Well we got a chance to catch up with the duo to see how it feels to have the fam back on TV.

“I feel like it’s been very therapeutic, like every other family we go through a lot within the family,” Toya says. “And bringing in some of these situations up and its happening while we’re filming. It’s also is a good way to see things that you can’t see. It’s like now you’re able to see yourself and how you behave so you want to change that.”

Reginae also says she isn’t the same girl she was 12 years ago.

“I’m definitely more mature than when you seen me  when I was 15, 14, 10,11. You know I’m just growing up. I’m working and I’m being my own adult just standing in my independence. I feel like you guys are going to understand and appreciate me more because you’re going to see me for who I am now and not off the media and what’s posted about me on blogs and stuff.

When we asked her about her Twitter rants, she responds:

“To be totally honest, with our generation today I really have to say Reginae they’re not gonna take it like how you want them to take it. I really have to put in my head like I can’t tweet what this person tweets because it’s going to be exaggerated.”

She continues, “You really have to sit there and reevaluate things but it’s not good and it’s very draining. People’s mind change every second, I know mine do. I might be mad one minute and then I’m like dang why I tweeted that I feel okay now.”

One things for sure, Reginae is definitely made for the big screen.

Watch our interview below to catch her channeling her inner Bobbi Kristina! ‘Toya&Reginae’ airs tonight on WeTV at 9 p.m.



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