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Rebecca Ferguson Reveals She Rapped For Common on ‘Silo’ Set



Rebecca Ferguson is not only the star but also the executive producer of the new Apple TV+ series Silo.

Set in a dystopian future, Silo focuses on an underground community that lives in a giant silo hundreds of stories underground that is full of strict regulations. The series is created by Emmy-nominated screenwriter Graham Yost, and also stars Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, Tim Robbins and Common.

Ferguson plays Juliette, a technical genius who keeps the silo’s life-support systems functioning. When we caught up with her we found out what her must have would be during an Apocalypse and that she can’t live without music.

“I need music. I mean, the fact is, on set, sometimes when the energy got down, we just put so much music on and got on the microphone, and everyone would be dancing on set.”

Ferguson says at one point she even started rapping, hoping to get co-star Common to join in.

“I rapped in front of him,” she confessed, “People just kept going just don’t, no Rebecca, just shush. And I was like, what do you mean? I’ll tell you about the silo. I kept on rapping about the environment.”

The Oscar winner joked that he wasn’t however a fan of Ferguson’s skills.

“The raps weren’t there,” he confessed. “She got the acting. She’s a very talented actress. She led this show well. But we’re going to stop with the raps.”

Common, who plays head Judicial officer Sims in the the 10-episode series, did share that he is working on new music that he’s planning to drop very soon.

“I’m definitely working on some new music. I have some music already I’m cooking up,” he admitted with a huge smile. “And I’m looking forward to doing more music and to doing scoring for different film and TV projects.”

Silo premieres on Apple TV+ May 5th.

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