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Snowfall’s Amin Joseph Talks Directing Episode 8, Angel Reese And More



They may have killed off our beloved Uncle Jerome on this season of Snowfall but Amin Joseph is still thriving!

Fortunately for us, Jerome’s tragic death in episode 7 didn’t stop Joseph’s affiliation to the show as he made his directorial debut on episode 8.

“Ballad of the Bear” has been arguably named one of the most pivotal episodes in the show’s history and we have Amin to thank for that.

“I’m happy that it’s been well received but I know what I put into it, that’s the main thing,” Amin said. “I know I has my big brother John Singleton over watching me on this and so many people from FX to our show creators and the people I work with day in and day out.”

The Howard U. alum also spoke about his surprising departure from the show after he was killed by Kane in a shootout while trying to save his wife Aunt Louie.

“I feel like we worked up to that in the story. Obviously, his demise came at the hand of Kane and him protecting Louie, I thought there was something valiant in that but yeah I knew in season 5. I just didn’t know the way that it would happen or what episode but it was one of the main things on the board. I think the show knew that I was a beloved character and if you do that you’re setting the audience up for what this is which is a cautionary tale.”

Speaking of cautionary tales by now you may have caught wind of Barstool President Dave Portnoy calling LSU basketball star Angel Reese a “classless piece of sh*t” after her controversial celebratory gestures towards Iowa’s Caityln Clark. Well the Snowfall star did now hold back his thoughts. “But can you squabble though,” Amin said hilariously. “I feel like Angel could snuff him, I really do and if he swings back then we gotta squabble.”



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Snowfall’s last episode airs next week April 19th!



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