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Larenz Tate Talks “Sex Symbol” Competition And Fanning Out Around Method Man



Michael B. Jordan may be People’s Most Sexiest Man Alive but we can’t forget the original sex symbols Larenz Tate and Method Man. Not only do they age like fine wine, we also get to watch them together on Starz’s Power Book 2: Ghost.

Hip Hollywood caught up with Tate and asked him how is it working with his sexy co-star.  “It’s nothing but love man. I got to say that you know Meth is someone first of all as an actor I think he’s blossomed as an actor that we all certainly can respect. But aside from that, as a fan as a hip hop icon that he is a legend, as well as Mary, I mean to be able to be around them once we’re done with work I fan out. I do it all the time.”

He says Method Man also fans out over him as an actor and denies having any “sex symbol” competition. “It’s weird because he’ll do that around me when in terms of the accolades and he feels like it’s mind-blowing to work with me as an actor. I’m blown away just by his presence and what he means to the culture but there’s no competition at all. It’s always something that we compliment each other, we support one another and we are definitely brothers in arms for sure.”

Just to be a fly on the wall chile…

Power Book 2: Ghost season 3 premieres tonight at 9pm on Starz.


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