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Exclusive: Chloe Bailey Talks About Sex Scene With Damson Idris



Chloe Bailey is all grown up.

After starring on the Freeform series Grownish Bailey will next be seen in the Amazon thriller Swarm. The talented singer and actress stars alongside Dominque Fishback and Damson Idris — playing the latter’s girlfriend.

Bailey told HipHollywood she was excited to take part in the psychological thriller and detailed what it was like filming her first sex scene.

“I’ve never done a sex scene. So when I first read the script, for me, I was reading it just as like, oh, my gosh, what’s going on?,” she laughed. “So then when I realized like, okay, I’m actually doing this, I was like, oh, I got to do a sex scene. I’ve never done that.”

“I don’t even have video of me in the act. I was like, dear God, I don’t know how I’m going to do now. I’m very into my body and being a woman and all of that, but I was scared. I was so nervous,” she said before getting Fishback to co-sign her nerves. “Was I not?”

In the series, Bailey and Fishback play sister’s Marissa and Dre, who are super fans of a mega-pop star (in the vein of Beyonce) named Ni’Jah.

“I have to give credit to Damson and everyone on set for making me feel so comfortable,” she continued. “Like, Damson was a huge gentleman in that case, because he was cracking jokes. I didn’t feel like I was half naked. Granted, we had, like, cover ups and stuff and there was a bouncy ball in between us, so we couldn’t feel each other, which was great. And we couldn’t stop laughing because we tried different takes and passes of, like, moaning in a funny way.”

“I just had to just close my eyes, and I was like, okay, girl, just pretend like you’re making music and you’re just making sounds and noises and things of that nature, she added. “And when I got myself out of a part of my ass is peeking through the mirror her, I was like, you’re good. It’s art.You’re not Chloe. You’re Marissa.”

Swarm created by Janine Nabers and Donald Glover premieres on March 17 on Amazon Prime.


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