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Surprise! Da Brat & Wife Jesseca Dupart Are Having A Baby



Da Brat is about to have Da Baby!

During a television exclusive on SHERRI, the 48-year-old rap star and wife Jesseca “Judy” Dupart announced that they are expecting a baby. The two presented Sherri with a gift — a t-shirt that read “I’m going to be an Auntie,” along with an ultrasound photo.

“Well, first of all we love you, and we wouldn’t do it anywhere else,” said Da Brat to longtime friend Sherri. “You’re genuine. There are a lot of fake people in Hollywood. You keep it 100 all the time. I can talk to you about anything, I appreciate you, I love you and we wouldn’t do it anywhere else.”

They also opened up about the hardships they’ve faced during their fertility journey and explained why Da Brat is the one to carry the baby!

Sherri: I know this is something that you two have wanted and have been trying for a long time. Because this pregnancy journey has not been easy, you’ve had a lot of ups and downs.

Jesseca “Judy” Dupart: [I have] hyperstimulation ovarian syndrome which caused me to have blood clots in my lungs, which caused me to be hospitalized.

Da Brat: It was very scary. Can you imagine feeling like you’re going to lose your wife? She called her kids to tell them she loved them which really freaked me out. Like I can’t lose you right now. It was very emotional and very scary. Then I had fibroids …. And then I found out I had polyps in my uterus, so I had to have surgery to get those removed. And then we had a miscarriage.

Jesseca “Judy” Dupart: We are 18 weeks. Which is 5 months.

Sherri: Judy, is there a reason why you decided Da Brat carry the baby instead of you?

Jesseca “Judy” Dupart: Well you know her, her leading character trait is being nurturing. I felt like she needed to have the experience, I’ve birthed three children … having a baby inside of you and having a human come out of you is just an experience that’s not even explainable. I didn’t want us to go through this life and have her not be able to experience that.

Photos from the couples spread in PEOPLE were also shown on the monitors. The two, who wed in February 2022, told the magazine the idea for having a baby was initially a joke following their wedding.

“It started as a joke, we were like, ‘We’re extending our family!’ ” she says of a tongue-in-cheek marketing tagline they created for a collaboration Jesseca’s hair care line Kaleidoscope Hair Products . “But then we got a huge response. It was like, ‘Oh my God do we want to actually have kids, and if we do, girl, we better hurry up!’ “

Reflecting on her tough persona in hip hop coupled with her happy news and bump reveal, “I think people are going to be shocked,” she says with a laugh. That said, she chose to embrace the dichotomy with a gangster-inspired pregnancy photoshoot. “I loved it,” she says.

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