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Jonathan Majors Leaves The Ladies Lusting With Ebony Cover Shoot



Jonathan Majors and his fine physique is breaking the internet again.

Just in time for Valentines Day, the hunky actor covers EBONY magazine’s February issue posing in a series of hot shots taken by Keith Major. The photos are reminiscent of Allen Iverson’s famed 2001 Sports Illustrated cover photographed by Gérard Rancinan.

For the cover shot, Majors shows off his rock hard bod in black silk shorts with red trim and a red cape holding dozens of long stem roses.

Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / EBONY Magazine

The theme for the cover shoot was “Supreme Swagger Meets Romance.” So when did Major’s first discover he had swagger?

“I was told many times that I didn’t have swagger. [Laughs] I was told I wasn’t cool. I was forced to be an individual in order to survive. I had to believe in my own way of doing things. And that’s what swagger is, you know. It’s a supreme confidence in how one thinks and what one is capable of doing.”

“When you say “swag,” I think about Hov—Jay-Z, he adds. “I would never think of myself. Yet, I do have a very clear confidence in how I move through the world. It’s a lack of fear of being seen. And I think as I worked more, the arts began to give me that.”

The latest MCU super-villain also discusses a myriad of things including his latest role in “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” and how he preps for his roles.

“I give myself six weeks to build it out. And that’s just being respectful to the project at hand. It’s also honoring the art form, because—I think that’s one of the reasons I have so much faith in my work, it’s that I know I put the time in,” he explains.

“I have the same approach in the gym. It’s the same approach with cooking dinner. It’s the same approach with raising my daughter. I know I did the work, so now I can play. I can do that. But if you’ve not done the work, then you just become a lesser father, a lesser actor, a lesser partner. I just become lesser. And the work allows me to start acting; it’s my occupation and my vocation. I take it extremely seriously.”

In the Cori Murray penned cover story, Majors also gave rare insight into his life as a girl dad.

“One of the most beautiful things [my daughter and i] talk about is need versus want,” he said.

“I grew up very needy, meaning there are things I needed that I didn’t have. Fortunately for my kid, she’s not in that position. I worked very hard and continue to work hard—not just for the present, but for the future. She doesn’t have to do that, but she does understand. We teach value in our household, and self-worth. A big thing is, as she changes her hair up, I’m very clear to tell her I liked it the way it was. I love it now; I loved it then.”

Majors who will next be seen in Creed III. 

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