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House Party Cast Talk Reboot, Shaq Having A Gym In His Closet And More



Who would have thought actors Jacob Latimore and Tosin Cole were the comedic duo we never knew we needed!? The pair is starring in the new House Party reboot and it is nostalgically HE-larious! Now of course most movie buffs would be anti classic movie reboot but House Party may be here to change their minds.

Co-star DC Young Fly did not hold back on his thoughts about the naysayers.

“First of all I don’t really like looking at social media because the majority of the people are like 9 years old. They don’t even know they just leaving bad comments because they know they ain’t gonna get a whooping.”

He goes on a more of a serious note saying, “We know you can’t touch a classic but it’s an honor to be called upon and saying listen we want you to kind of like recreate or give today’s version of what this may have been like. We know that House Party was a classic but its like music, we took a sample of the classic and we created our own version and created our own hit song of a classic. We bridged the gap between the older generation and the new generation and I think they’re going to love it.”

Latimore, who plays Kevin, also doubles down on DC’s thoughts.

“I don’t feel like we touched a classic movie we definitely made our own, it’s a totally different feel. I think once you watch the film you probably won’t think about the original too much until you start seeing some of the icon themes. It’s like a love letter to it. We really wanted to make our own movie and make our own special moments that’s what made their movie so great.”

Now we know House Party takes place in Lebron James’ home but we were today’s year old when we learned that Shaq has a gym in his closet. Yes, you read that right. A GYM in his CLOSET!

While dishing on the lavish homes they’ve been to, DC dropped the fun fact and even said Shaw has a person living downstairs in the closet chile. Rotimi, who also stars in the movie, says he stayed at 50 Cent’s home for 5 days and didn’t finish seeing his whole house either. Sheesh!

Rotimi also revealed his most embarrassing house party moment and let’s just say anyone born to immigrant parents can relate.

But if you ever catch any of the cast at an actual house party just know you’re in for a good time. When asked what kind of people they are when at parties, DC responded honestly, “I’m where ever the girls at I can’t just be at no party and I’m just looking at a girl. I got to go say what’s up, I got to it’s in my blood to go over there to speak to her.”

Thankfully, this film is here to bring back the days of what a real party was like.

“I think we should take away from what our older generation used to do, ” the comedian said. “When they used to go to parties they used to dance and have fun. Like you so busy trying to put on a filter and show somebody where you at in a place you not really having fun. You creating a whole façade, really create the energy. I feel like everybody then was living in the moment and today’s time their trying to create a false moment. I feel in this movie we show people having fun, there’s no phones involved. People are actually really dancing, having conversation in the house party and it gives that old nostalgia feel.”

House Party is in theaters this Friday, January 13th.

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