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NeNe Leakes Confirms Son Brentt Had A Stroke & Congestive Heart Failure



Sending prayers to NeNe Leakes and her family.

The former Real Housewives Of Atlanta star just posted a video on Monday explaining that her 23- year-old son Brentt Leakes recently suffered  a stroke and has congestive heart failure.

She said she would not go into detail about how she found out about her son’s “serious” health situation but called it a “very scary thing.”

“Two weeks ago today, Brentt had congestive heart failure and a stroke,” she said in her Instagram Stories post. “He’s only 23, so he’s really young for something like that to happen to him.”


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According to NeNe, Brentt doesn’t drink or do drugs — and doctors have run a multitude of tests in order to determine what caused the episode — including tests for HIV.

“They were thinking that maybe he had caught COVID and maybe he didn’t know that he had COVID, she added. “We are still trying to figure it out, because if we knew the cause then obviously they could treat the cause.”

NeNe also asked everyone to keep Brentt in their prayers, and says he’s still having a hard time speaking. She said she did not want to speak to the public about this situation yet and wanted to wait to talk when Brentt was “in a better place.”

According to TMZ, Brentt suffered a stroke and heart attack earlier this month and spent several days in the hospital.

Brentt also runs their lounge “The Linnethia” in Atlanta, but NeNe says the family is considering selling it.

It was last year when NeNe’s husband, Gregg, who is also Brentt’s father died after a long battle with cancer. Brentt was featured on RHOA throughout NeNe’s time on the show with his brother Bryson.

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