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Marvin Sapp On Beyonce ‘Church Girl’ Sample Controversy: “Get Over It”



Marvin Sapp is the latest gospel artist weighing in on Beyonce’s use of a gospel track for her new song “Church Girl.”

In case you missed it Bishop Patrick L. Wooden Sr. came for the Queen Bey during a recent sermon saying the pop star “sold her soul” and called the song “trash.”

He also denounced the Clark Sisters for letting Bey sample their track “Center Of Thy Will.”

“All I can say is this, when you sell your soul to the devil, you get the short end of the stick,” he said. “Because you’re not gonna live but so long, and when you leave here, where you’re going, you’re going to be there forever. So, it’s not a good deal.”

In the days since gospel artists like Twinkie Clark and Deitrick Haddon have spoken up in defense of Beyonce. Now Marvin Sapp is weighing in saying church folk need to “get over it.”

“For those that’s like, overly spiritual and overly deep and feel like we should be denouncing, I ain’t got that kind of time. There’s stuff that we can be doing that’s far more important than denouncing people over a song,” he said.

Per Sapp he “Never Would Have Made It” (pun intended) if he was bothered by secular artists sampling his work.

“I joke about it, but I I feel like “Never Would Have Made It” started off in the church, it was everybody’s funeral song, then people started working out to it. Now it’s still the hottest song in the club.”

The track from his 2007 album “Thirsty” catapulted Sapp to the top of the Billboard charts and ultimately made him a household name. In 2019 the hit record thrust back in the spotlight thanks to Tik Tok and the popular “Some Cut” by Trillville mash-up.

Sapp told HipHollywood exclusively he loves that artist of all kinds love his music and isn’t bothered at all.

“‘Never Would Have Made It’ has been sampled by DJ Khaled, ‘Never Would Have Made It’ has been sung by Teyona Taylor. It’s been sampled by Yeezy … it’s on Tha Carter V. All of these records have gone multi-platinum.”

“The reason why I’m not tripping, is because the music business is a business, no matter what my intent was when I recorded the song, secular artists do this because they honor us,” he continued. “It’s about honor. And then not only that, they say, we honor you so much, we’re going to put some money in your pocket, and it’s a business. Those three artists in and of themselves help me put my kids through college, so I’m grateful that they enjoy my music.”

Sapp is also grateful to have a story about his life coming to the small screen. Never Would Have Made It: The Marvin Sapp Story debuts on TV One August 21.

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