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Irv Gotti Shares Another Cringey Story About Ashanti



Irv Gotti isn’t done blabbing about his alleged relationship with singer Ashanti.

During episode three of BET’s “The Murder Inc. Story” docuseries the Murder Inc. head honcho dished on how he supposedly took his friendship with the R&B singer to another level some 20 years ago.

Perv Gotti?

During the episode, Irv claims he decided to shoot his shot while he and his wife, Debbie Lorenzo, were separated. It’s definitely another cringey confession that we didn’t need or want … but here we are.

“I’m separated from Deb. I’m on my own. And Ashanti’s coming to the studio every day and our friendship and bond is naturally growing,” the 52-year-old shared. “She used to wear these Juicy sweats and her a** was looking fat. Her a** was looking great. So, one day I was like, ‘Yo, I’ll take you home.’ She said, ‘Bet, cool.’ We are walking to her front door of her crib. She turns and says goodbye and I just kiss her and grab her ass and just mwah. It was like, what took you so long?”

Ashanti decided NOT to appear in the docuseries. Now, we know why.


Over the last few weeks, Irv has been spilling all kinds of tea about his relationship with the “What’s Love” singer … and getting dragged in the process. Fat Joe spoke out in Ashanti’s defense after a clip of Irv talking about their alleged situationship on “Drink Champs” went viral.

During the interview Irv reveals he had fallen hard for her and was devastated when he found out she was with Nelly. He also shared details about their sexual encounters and said her single “Happy”  was the product of the two having intercourse.

Really Happy

Ashanti should probably file a cease and desist at this point. She hasn’t directly addressed Irv’s comments but did recently post a video on Instagram with the caption: “Sometimes ya gotta leave the trash behind…”


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