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Celebrate Soulfully: Tale Of The Lion King Is Back!



The Lion King is back and it definitely deserves a roaring thumbs up!

To kick off summer and Disneyland’s Celebrate Soulfully events, HipHollywood got advance access to the wild musical theater show ‘Tale of the Lion King’.

Here we got a chance to speak with the creative minds behind the new attraction. Plus we got to indulge in Pride Rock Punch to Hakuna Matata treats!

The Tale of the Lion King follows  Simba’s journey to adulthood and royalty. “Narrated by the Storytellers of the Pride Lands, Simba’s rise to royalty is presented in a unique, theatrical style—with live music and dance inspired by the cultural roots of this timeless story,” the site reads.

The creative minds behind the show also made sure to keep the story true to the classic.

“You know here at Disneyland resort to tell our story and so we spent a lot of time I think we went through like maybe 22 renditions of variations of the script before we finally landed on this one,” Show Director Paul David Bryant said.

The Tale of the Lion King is showing now at Disneyland’s Fantasyland stage!

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