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Review: Will ‘Sneakerella’ Be A Shoe-In With Audiences?



Director: Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum

Cast: Chosen Jacobs, Lexi Underwood, Devyn Nekoda, Kolton Stewart, John Salley.

This new Disney+ film has lots of heart and sole (pun intended). As the name suggests Sneakerella is a high energy music driven film that puts a contemporary twist on the cinderella fairy tale. El played by Chosen Jacobs is an aspiring sneaker designer who works as a stock boy in the store that once belonged to his late mother. He’s being cared for by his stepfather and he has two mean spirited step brothers. Along the way, El meets Kira King, the daughter of a professional basketball player and sneaker industry legend. El and Kira’s love story ignites when the two discover their mutual bond for sneakers.

Pros: The music sequences between El and Kira are amazing and leave you wanting more.

Cons:  The films trips over it’s own laces a few times with wasted scenes establishing characters you don’t really care about.

Emoji Score: 7 out of 10 sneaker emoji’s

Release Date:  May 13th

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