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Maino Enjoys Role-Playing As A Runaway Slave With White Women



Rapper Maino made a shocking confession about his fantasy to role-play as a runaway slave during sex with white women, causing an uproar across social media.

During a recent interview, the Brooklyn rapper told “Angela Yee’s Lip Service” podcast how he likes it in the bedroom. While speaking on role-play, Maino admits to enjoying role-playing as a “runaway slave,” adding in that it’s something he’s never talked about before.

“I like to be like a runaway slave,” he said as the ladies gasped. “I like to play like a disobedient slave with a white woman. It’s two of them.”

The show hosts and Maino then discussed what words are being exchanged during the sexual encounters. During the exchange, Maino admitted that most women aren’t into the role-play sessions, which includes “whooping” him.

“Most of them don’t want to play like that, they say ‘This n***a’s nuts.’ It’s like, ‘Listen, you’re going to act like, you’re master’s wife, and I just got whooped by master for eyeballing you. But the whole time, you’ve been really, you know, you liked it. You’ve been eyeballing me.’

“It’s some freaky sh**t,” he adds. “Then I’m going to come out, all sweaty, just finished getting whooped, and then you’re going to say, ‘No, Billy Joe, no. No, Billy Joe, no. Master’s not going to like it. He’s not going to like it.’ And I’ll say, ‘You know you want it, lady.’ This is a whole script.”

As expected, his comments initiated an uproar of responses from folks Twitter.

Of course we want to know you thought in the comments.

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