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Jussie Smollett Proclaims He’s Not Suicidal At Sentencing



Jussie Smollett will serve time in prison for faking a hate crime.

A Chicago judge on March 10 sentenced Smollett to 150 days in prison and ordered him to pay $120,000 in restitution and a $25,000 fine. Judge Linn said “the extreme pre-meditation” was an “aggravating factor” in his decision. He also called Jussie arrogant, selfish, narcissistic, and said he did damage to real victims of hate crimes.

According to Linn Jussie wasn’t motivated by money … he did it because he craved the attention and thought he could boost his profile by tapping into the social justice movement in America. He said he just wanted to make himself more famous, throwing himself a “national pity party.”

The actor was facing up to three years in prison after being found guilty.

Before his sentencing, several supporters spoke out to ask for leniency for the former Empire star including his 92-year-old grandmother, Molly Smollett.

Jussie’s lawyer made a series of arguments during the hearing, imploring the judge to throw out the verdict.

Shortly after being ordered into custody Jussie boisterously yelled to the judge telling him if he dies in prison it’s not suicide. He also proclaimed he wasn’t suicidal and walked out of court with his fist in the air.

A rep for Cook County Sheriff’s office told TMZ — Jussie will be given a comprehensive medical and mental health assessment by Health services, a security assessment and will be placed in appropriate housing.

As previously reported, a jury found the actor guilty of 5 of the 6 felony counts against him for lying to Chicago police about being the victim of a racist, homophobic attack.

The infamous “attack” went down Jan. 29, 2019, when Jussie claimed 2 white males jumped him, punched him, threw a noose around his neck and hurled slurs at him … all while screaming, “This is MAGA country!!!” As you know, the 2 men were actually the Osundairo brothers, and the special prosecutor noted, one thing was clear … they are not white.

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