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‘Atlanta’ Is Finally Back! The Cast Shares What You Can Expect For Season 3



After an almost 4 year hiatus, the infamous Atlanta gang is back together and we couldn’t be more excited! We caught up with the cast at the show’s premiere and it looks like they’re just as happy to be taking over our Thursday nights again.

“I’m really happy to be back… it’s been a really long time and I’m happy we get to show it in front of people,” Donald Glover commented. “I’m glad we could be together it’s been a long time for a lot of this actually, I haven’t been around this many people in a real long time.”

Season 3 kicks off in a whole new continent but what hasn’t changed is the show’s love for controversy. Titled “Three Slaps,” episode 1 takes an interesting but dark spin on the true story of Devonte Hart, a 12-year-old teary eyed Black boy pictured hugging a cop in a viral photo in 2014. He would later be the subject of the largest mass murder in Mendocino, CA after his foster parents drove off of a cliff with his 6 siblings in 2018. Chilling enough, Devonte’s body was never found which left the ending of the show’s season opener up to the imagination of it’s creators.

Donald Glover’s character Earn shows up at the tail end of the first episode seemingly waking up from a bad dream which kicks off the crew’s official European tour storyline. While speaking with the cast, what becomes evident is the crew’s growth during their 4 year sabbatical. For one, ‘Paper Boi’ played by Brian Tyree Henry, gets to see what it really means to be famous and have loyal fans.

“I will say you’re going to see an elevated Alfred. You know the first few seasons, you kind of seem him kind of fight the fame and kind of fight the recognition. You saw him trying to keep it real as it were. He wants to stay in Atlanta, he wants to be Atlanta, he wants to be the man that he is but now you get to see him lean into what his fame is and what the appreciation of that is.”

“I think everybody changes so I feel like my character has like grown up too,” Glover continued. “I think that’s part of the reason why you kind of end the show because its like let things be natural.”

Yes, you’ve heard that right. If you don’t know by now Atlanta will officially come to an end with season 4. The last season is rumored to have been shot simultaneously with season 3 and will drop sometime in the Fall.

“You know it was definitely an emotional end as we were finishing shooting but because we knew the show was coming to an end we were able to be intentional and reflect on it and cry out it at the end,” Zazie Beetz said. “So now I’m just like its out, its done and I’m just here to be on the wave of the show and hopefully you guys love it.”

‘Atlanta’ airs every Thursday on FX 10pm est.


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