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K. Michelle Candid About Plastic Surgery On New Show ‘My Killer Body’



K. Michelle is keeping it real about the pitfalls of plastic surgery.

The R&B chart topper was one of the first celebrities to discuss the dangers of silicone injections after the procedure nearly cost her her life. Now she’s helping others on her new Lifetimes series My Killer Body with K. Michelle

“What I want to do is give people the opportunity to make informative decisions as to what they want to do,” she told HipHollywood exclusively.  “I want people to make better decisions than I did, and that’s what this show is about.”

On the series the “V.S.O.P” singer will help men and women desperate to reverse plastic surgery procedures while also sharing her ongoing journey to get loose silicone removed from her body. 

“I’ve had 13 surgeries to get this out of my body in three years,” she explained. “It was the most overwhelming life-changing experience of my entire life, fighting for your life over something that you did, what, six, seven years ago?”

She revealed she started getting work done well before her first record deal, feeling the pressure to look like other women in the industry.

I was determined when I got my record deal, I remember I told the record label I said, Oh, I’m not signing unless you give me some teeth, because I looked like I had been chewing on rocks. I’m like I’m not signing unless you give me some teeth, and tits, and I wanted a butt.”

“That was something that I thought I needed to get in the business,” she added.

A few years would pass before the former Love & Hip Star would get another procedure … her nose job. She said despite reports on the blogs she hasn’t undergone any other procedures to her face or bleached her skin.

“It was crazy to see even the rumors were going around even when I didn’t do anything. You know it would be the rumors, oh, she whitened her skin … I’ve never thought that anything was wrong with my complexion, I’ve never wanted to touch that or do anything.”

To be clear, the 39-year-old says she’s not against plastic surgery and said she may even get more one day.

“I am not against good surgery, that’s my stance. I am all for you doing what you want to do on your body for yourself. What I am against is illegal surgery, I am against you not informing yourself about the side effects,” she explained. “You have to literally study. You’re gonna study when you go buy a new car, why wouldn’t you study when you’re trying to get a new body?”

My Killer Body with K. Michelle premieres TONIGHT at 9/8c

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