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Grown-ish: Chloe Bailey Reveals Whether A Man’s Fashion Is A Dealbreaker



It’s no secret Chloe Bailey is a bad bish! So of course we were glad to see her face back on the new season of Grown-ish!

On this season, Bailey’s character, Jazz, struggles with the fact that her current sneaky link likes to wear dresses. Ironically, in real life, rapper Gunna, another man with a questionable fashion sense, has sparked dating rumors with after they attended a basketball game together.

When asked about their relationship he definitely made it known that Chloe was a woman who needed to be treated right and didn’t want to play with her like he does his other women… aka he’s gunna make her a wife!

We got the chance to chat with the actress to get her thoughts on whether a man’s fashion sense would be a dealbreaker and let’s just say she didn’t say yes or no.

“I would really have to say it would have to be based off the person. When I think about all the people I’ve dated like it’s all over the place, it’s really about their inside and their heart and how kind they are. My first thought, ‘would I date a guy who wears dresses’? I don’t know but it also depends because hey I might.”

She also added, “If it’s cute and not tacky maybe sh*t…”

In other words, Gunna may have a chance! ‘Grownish’ airs every Thursday at 10 p.m. on FreeForm. Be sure to catch the rest of the interview below:


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