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Shekinah Anderson Claims Tiny Wanted Her To Fight Bernice Burgos



Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ former BFF Shekinah Anderson is speaking out about their friendship … AGAIN.

You recall back in May, Anderson took to social media to air out her former bestie.

On New Year’s Eve the Atlanta entrepreneur and reality star let loose during another emotional Instagram live broadcast. Shekinah said she believes Tiny was never her real friend despite their years long friendship and claims that T.I. was emotionally abusive to her.

Although Shekinah and T.I. always appeared to have a playful rivalry on their family reality show T.I. & Tiny’s Family Hustle — Shekinah claimed that the “Bring Em Out” rapper was disrespectful to her off-camera.

Shekinah claimed on one occasion T.I. berated her and called her “The Help” while she was seated in first class during a flight from Atlanta. She also claimed in 2021 he yelled at her inside Magic City strip club while Tiny stood by and did nothing. Shekinah said she clapped back at Tip before leaving the club and said the incident occurred right before she cut ties with them.

Later in the video Shekinah also brought up rumors that T.I. was having an affair with IG model Bernice Burgos — basically insinuating it was all true. Per Shekinah, Tiny and another party threatened to “buy her name” if she didn’t fight Bernice.

 Bernice Burgos attends Sprinklez New York Takeover on December 29, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

“Yeah, yo’ wife encouraged her to buy my name years ago. That was some s*** they did together with that Bernice s***. ‘If I don’t fight Bernice, my name gotta be bought.’ What kinda bullying s*** is that? Bernice ain’t never did s*** to me. She’s a beautiful girl, what I’m fighting her for?”

“I wasn’t there. I ain’t hook em up,” she continued. “So, why the f*** my name had to been bought because I’m a ghetto b*tch that’s her friend. Get out of here, that was a setup with both of them h**s. Them h**s was friends, they did that s*** on purpose.”

Of course when Tiny got wind of this she posted a message of her own on Instagram that read: “If you don’t have proof that whatever you be talking about is working for you man do everyone a favor and shut yo ass up.”

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