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Jesse Williams’ Ex-Wife Petitioning For Primary Custody Of Their 2 Kids



Just when we thought the divorce drama was over between Jesse Williams and his ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee … they are back it again!

According to Radar Online, Drake-Lee filed a declaration under oath accusing the actor of using threatening language and intimidation tactics that have caused her to fear for her safety.

Erratic Behavior

She’s also filed court doc demanding primary custody of their 2 kids. Per the court documents Drake-Lee accuses Jesse of failing to follow the current schedule in place. She also says the former Grey’s Anatomy star has been acting “erratic” ever since leaving the hit ABC drama and the pandemic hit. She accuses him of firing their longtime nanny without consulting her causing their kids harm.

She claims when she would try to talk about the issue with Jesse, “he has resorted to erratic behavior to try to force me to acquiesce to his demands; he calls me names, uses threatening language and intimidation tactics such as threatening to send the police to my home, causing me to fear for my and our children’s safety.”

Nasty Divorce

Jesse filed for divorce from Aryn in 2017 after being together for 13 years. They had been married for 5 years. The split was nasty with both sides playing dirty in court.

They were finally able to reach a settlement in 2020. The biggest part of their agreement was the joint legal and physical custody of their kids. Jesse agreed to pay $40k a month in child support and the exes said they would share joint legal and physical custody.

New Custody Agreement

Aryn is now asking the court to change the custody agreement to state Jesse has visitation, not joint custody. She wants the court to order Jesse can have visitation on the 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends of each month. She also is demanding he turn over detailed future filming project schedules to allow her time to plan.

In her declaration, Aryn says Jesse has canceled time with his kids over 15 times. She claims he will cancel and then call back to un-cancel.

A hearing on the matter has been set for April. Jesse has yet to respond probably because he has other legal matters to tend to.

Possible Extortion?

According to RO, the actor is being sued by a woman he got into a car accident with in 2020.

Apparently the accident was Williams’ fault, he rear ended her vehicle, but per his attorney’s the woman’s suit is a blatant attempt to extort’ money from him.

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It’s safe to say Williams’ New Year is getting off to a rocky start.

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