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“I Know What I Got” Harlem’s Tyler Lepley Gushes Over Girlfriend Miracle Watts



One thing about dating in this era is you’ll definitely kiss more frogs than princes/princesses while trying to get to the relationship promised land. Just ask the cast of Prime Video’s latest series ‘Harlem’  which details the professional and dating lives of four girlfriends living in it’s colorful neighborhood.

One person who seems to not have any issues in that department… well atleast in his personal life… is ‘Harlem’ star Tyler Lepley.

Lepley, who plays Meagan Good’s ex Ian, recently made it IG official with model Miracle Watts and let’s just say they are one fine a** couple!

When asked why he decided to make Miracle his girlfriend he says it’s because it felt “like a weight off of he shoulders.”

“We had vibed for a while before we made it official and I think what made it kind of take that next step is we sat down and really talked about what’s going to work for us and what doesn’t work for us,” he said.

“It was by no means a contract or anything like that but we came to each other with ourselves [and] our feelings on a plate and said listen this is what we’re going to do. We’re either going to build together like this or we don’t have to do this and we can just keep it cool.”

Now if you haven’t watched the series this may be a bit of a spoiler but Tyler’s character kind of plays the typical man who wants to have his cake and eat it too… as he is now stuck between his ex Camille, played by Meagan, and his new relationship.

Now, we all probably have that one problematic ex. Either they are the one who got away or the one who waits until you get into a new relationship before trying to get that old thing back.  Luckily for Watts, Tyler says he ain’t about those games.

“I know what I got. I don’t have to lose her to know what I got so it also helps me just respect and cherish what it is that I do got.”

We know that’s right! And just incase Ciara’s prayer hasn’t worked for you Miracle recently dropped one of her own.

“I pray that all my queens find true happiness. No matter how blurry it gets along the way. Your time is coming,” she posted on her IG story. “ I’m not special we all deserve happiness and we all can receive it. I know a lot of y’all remember when I wanted to give up but I didn’t. Love still exists… chivalry still exists. KEEP GOING. Until that time, work on being the best version of you.”

Let’s see if this one does the trick or else it will be one cold winter…

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