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Foodtastic! Keke Palmer Reinvents Food Art On New Disney Show



One thing about actress Keke Palmer, she is definitely the “Jackie of all trades” as she slays in music, TV/film and dancing. Well now the triple threat can add food art host and executive producer to her resume as she is the new host and EP of Disney’s latest show ‘Foodtastic’.

“Foodtastic is an incredible show about food art competitions and I emphasize food art because it’s not your usual food competition show where it’s about tasting or anything like that but this is actually about what you can turn food into,” Palmer told us. “Like how you can create it into a structure or change the material and totally reinvent what you would imagine that food to be all to create something that can literally stand in a museum.”

If you been a fan of Keke’s then you know she is no stranger to the Disneyverse but what makes ‘Foodtastic’ even more nostalgic is she represents a different Disney character for each episode which also gives contestants inspiration on their food master pieces.

“I get to host it but I also get to act alittle bit and do alittle bit of sketches where in the beginning of each episode I kind of present the idea or what the IP is through a character. Like if it’s Star Wars I’m a character I created through Star Wars world and I’m pretty much introing our competitors into what they are about to create and why.”

All this food talk surely had us thinking about the different concoctions we’ve tried to come up with on a late night or drunken one. As for Keke she is definitely sticking by her ramen and we aren’t mad at it at all!

‘Foodtastic’ is available now on Disney+


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