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Woman Comes Forward Alleging DMX Is Her Father



A woman has come forward claiming to be the child of legendary late hip-hop artist DMX — bringing the total of children he allegedly fathered to 15.

Page Six has exclusively learned that a Georgia woman named Raven Barmer-Simmons contacted DMX’s other adult children in the past few weeks. She and the fellow 14 other children of the late rapper will all be DNA tested to confirm their paternity.

DMX, real name is Earl Simmons, died in early April following a cocaine-induced heart attack. He left no will and few liquid assets.

The development comes as the battle over DMX’s estate and all future earnings from his music takes a new turn.

On Friday, Judge Helen Blackwood appointed DMX’s three sons Xavier, Tacoma and Sean Simmons from his 16-year marriage to Tashera Simmons as the temporary administrators of the estate of their late father.

The late rapper’s fiancée Desiree Lindstrom, who is the mother to his 5-year-old son, Exodus, had applied to the court to be legally declared his “common-law wife,” but the judge shot her down.

Lindstrom had also petitioned the court to be an administrator of his estate — estimated to be worth around $1 million. Despite selling more than 74 million albums and building a successful career in both music and movies, DMX left behind an estate estimated to be in debt.

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