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4 Black Actors Perfectly Suited To Play James Bond



For years rumors have been swirling about who will succeed Daniel Craig as 007. Now with No Time To Die finally in theaters … we weigh in on who could have next.



Idris Elba has long been a contender. One, because he’s British, two, because he’s a bonafide movie star, and three because he’s dashingly handsome. Craig himself even told us he thinks Elba would be great for the role.

“Definitely Idris is fantastic, he’s a wonderful actor,” he said during the press day for Spectre.

Unfortunately now that he’s 49 years old some have said he may be too old to play the character. They also said the same thing about Craig some 15 years ago when he first suited up as 007. Elba’s got the gift of melanin on his side and we all know Black don’t crack.


After his breakout performance in Netflix’s Bridgerton last winter, British heartthrob Page rose to meteoric fame. Now fans think he’s got what it takes to be the next Bond.

The 30-year-old is not only handsome; he’s British, has undeniable swagger, can rock a suit and charm a lady out of her dress with ease. He’s also pretty skilled at removing a corset. He told us so while we chatted with he and co-star Phoebe Dynevor about the show’s many steamy sex scenes.

“21st century dudes think they have trouble with bras, corsets are a whole new universe,” he joked.

So is it enough to earn him the Bond badge … we think so.


Lashana Lynch isn’t just a Bond girl in the 25th installment No Time To Die … she’s actually bestowed the title of 007 —although temporarily. Now she’s the first woman and first person of color to inherit the 007 mantle, so could she also be the first female to lead the franchise?

Former Bond, Pierce Brosnan, suggested that whoever the next Bond is be a woman.

Lynch’s Nomi certainly holds her own next to Bond. She told us it was honor, to say the least, to be a part of the franchise.

“I feel humbled, I feel ecstatic and full of a lot of things” she gushed.


Thanks to his breakout role playing drug dealer Franklin Saint on Fx’s Snowfall, Damson Idris’s Hollywood star is rising. His killer smile and dashing good looks has also earned him “Zaddy” status on social media. He can also handle action, thanks to roles in Outside The Wire (Netflix) and The Commuter (Lionsgate).

We get the feeling he’d like to play Bond. When we asked what he’s binging these days he told us the spy series Lupin on Netflix.

“Omar Sy did his thing … it absolutely lets you know Black people can be spies too, wink, wink,” he said with a smirk.

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