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Thieves Try To Drag Out Pop Smoke’s Casket, Vandalize Crypt



In WTF is wrong with people news …

The Brooklyn crypt of late rapper Pop Smoke was found vandalized Saturday, reportedly wrecked by thieves who tried to drag out his casket.

The 20-year-old rapper, whose real name is Bashar Jackson, was killed last year during a Los Angeles home invasion. He was laid to rest at Green-Wood Cemetery in his native Brooklyn shortly afterward.

According to TMZ, the outer wall of the marble mausoleum was cracked and nearly broken through, Other debris was also found near the rapper’s final resting place, with burned and broken joints found in the area.

Drag marks could also be found on the floor, indicating the vandals tried pull something out of the crypt. An eyewitness told the said they found the damaged crypt Saturday morning.

NYPD responded to the cemetery around 2:00 PM. Apparently the crypt was damaged sometime between 2:30 PM on Friday and 2:00 PM on Saturday. There were no cameras in the area and the total Damage is $500.00

So far, there are no suspects and no arrests have been made. Police are now investigating.Caution tape now surrounds the area and the plaque that once read his name has been replaced by a blank slate.

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