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Bill Cosby Thinks R. Kelly “Got Railroaded” Following Guilty Verdict



If there’s one person who thinks R. Kelly got railroaded it’s … Bill Cosby.

On Monday, Kelly was found guilty on 9 federal counts, including racketeering, sex crimes, kidnapping, obstruction of justice and human trafficking.

Cosby’s spokesperson Andrew Wyatt said the disgraced comedian thinks Kelly “was screwed” and that “he wasn’t going to catch a break” during the month-long trial.

Wyatt shared Cosby’s thoughts in a Tuesday night interview with The Post, where the rep said Kelly never stood a chance and railed against the ’90s R&B superstar’s defense team.

“The deck was stacked against Robert,” said Wyatt. “His constitutional rights were grossly abused. I don’t know anywhere but in this country in the United States that a documentary can bring criminal charges against someone.”

“No one fought hard for him,” and his attorneys didn’t “humanize him,” Wyatt said.

“He also didn’t have the resources and means, he should have asked for support from the court. He would have gotten better representation,” added Wyatt.

According to Wyatt, Cosby is blaming Gloria Allred and labeled the conviction an “assault on successful black men.” If you didn’t know Allred represented alleged victims in both Cosby’s case and Kelly’s.

“Gloria Allred did the same thing that she did with him,” Wyatt told TMZ. “You parade women out, and you stir up the public sentiment to go against him, and that’s what they did to R. Kelly.”

But While, Kelly’s looking at 10 years to life when he gets sentenced in May, Wyatt doesn’t think the disgraced singer will actually be sentenced, because an appeals court will overturn the conviction.

We honestly don’t think Kelly is going to be granted an appeal … but tell us what you think in the comments.

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